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Protect your workers at job sites.

Meet JARVIS Tiger, the nexus of actionable safety data.

A Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) is now mandatory. 

To better monitor high-risk activities, the HKSAR Development Bureau mandated the adoption of a Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) in February 2023, applicable to capital works projects with an estimated sum exceeding HK$30 million. At its core, SSSS comprises three components - a centralized management platform, smart devices, and stable communication networks for data transmission.

Manage Site Workers with Ease

Manage payroll, labor hours, site diaries, and more

Link an alert system to each worker's mobile device

Integrate the safety system with video surveillance

Monitor Tower Cranes & Site Machines

Connect with the tower crane alarm system

Link with your IoT devices, CCTVs, and AI sensors

Customize safety workflows and standards

Here is how you get started.

Let us show you how to implement SSSS step by step. Book a free consultation so we can walk you through the latest standards of SSSS and DWSS.

A Centralized Management Platform (CMP) for Safety

Houses site data in one place to establish a single source of truth

Manages and records all alerts received from 4S components

Displays project KPIs on a dashboard

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