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Net Carbon. Sustainability Reporting. All in One Place.

Meet JARVIS Zero, an ESG-integrated property management platform.

Increase ESG rating scores in Global Benchmarks.

JARVIS Zero takes your commercial real estate portfolio online and delivers transparent, accurate digital-twin documentation. Whether you want to gain property insights, optimize facility management, streamline capital planning, or benchmark your ESG performance, let JARVIS Zero help you attain greater profitability and sustainability.

Keep Track of Asset Inventory & Maintenance

Place tags on your digital twin to document maintenance and repair

Navigate specific asset locations with ease

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce risk through preventive maintenance

Drive Sales with Immersive 3D Walkthrough

Present an immersive customer experience for your prospective leads

3D Virtual Tours

Reduce time-consuming site visits

Export videos and GIFs for your marketing campaigns

Improve sales and sustainability with JARVIS Zero.

Whether you're a developer, retailer owner, or facility manager, leverage JARVIS Zero for better ESG reporting, energy efficiency, and customer conversion.

Benchmark Your ESG Performance

Collect data that facilitates ESG reporting and rating

the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, GRI, Sustainalytics, etc.

Increase transparency to your ESG impacts in a comparable and credible way

Optimize energy efficiency and carbon footprint with access to actionable data

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