Digital Works Supervision System


From 1st April 2020, the capital works with pre-tender estimate exceeding HK$300 million required to adopt DWSS as specified in Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No.3/2020

The DWSS is essentially a web-based centralised portal of collecting construction works information and managing the workflows of site activities to enhance efficiency, safety and quality performance. The DWSS shall be accessible through secure network and operated on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. The captured data shall be synchronised automatically across all devices and servers to support efficient flow of information including site records among contractor, site supervisory staff and employer/client, and enable timely reporting and alert of works progress and performance.

Jarvis freeFORM is a project management platform with the core functions of form digitization and approval, approval flow management, data visualization and analysis, and report generation. It support real-time and multi-project management.

Users can collect and update site data record with mobile devices through customized forms and approval workflow.

This system has 50+ standard forms including Request for Inspection/Survey Check (RISC) forms, site diary, site cleanliness,

labour return and site safety, etc. Through dashboard and reports, users can closely track and monitor the site and project status.

(Note: This product has certain DWSS functions which the vendor shall be inquired for details.)

CITF Pre-approved List Code: PA20-120




Mobile Device

Management (MDM)

Two Factor Authentication

Complied with

TIA 942 Tier 3

ISO 27001



 5 Mandatory Modules  +  Dashboard 



Provide a live update platform for user to manage and follow up all inspection issues easily, ensure all inspection records are real and update to date.


Inspection Checklist

To maintain worksite hygiene and protect workers, the system will help users to monitor and avoid cleaning job task miss.

Site Safety Inspection Record

With power of the system, users can update site safety record and photos, AI will analyse all data to assist us to avoid accident and improve site safety status.

Labour Return


A management system which help users to manage and monitor the on-site workforce.

Site Diary / 

Site Record Book

As a "first record" of worksite, system help competent user and management to get the MOST update record and status on worksite progress.

All Process in One Dashboard

An information management tool which provides at-a-glance views of KPIs relevant to a particular project and their progress.

Additional Modules


AI Assistant

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are changing the way we retrieve the information and files



A Common Data Environment, complied with ISO 19650 / PAS 1192



An Asset Information Management Solution, complied with ISO 55000

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