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Digital Works Supervision System


powered by JARVIS freeFORM

JARVIS freeFORM is a project management platform with the core functions of form digitization and approval, approval flow management, data visualization and analysis, and report generation. It support real-time and multi-project management.
Users can collect and update site data record with mobile devices through customized forms and approval workflow.

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JARVIS freeFORM is a Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) pre-approved product.
Pre-approved code:

From 1st April 2020, the capital works with pre-tender estimate exceeding HK$300 million are required to adopt DWSS

(specified in Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No.3/2020)

"The DWSS is essentially a web-based centralised portal of collecting construction works information and managing the workflows of site activities to enhance efficiency, safety and quality performance. The DWSS shall be accessible through secure network and operated on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. The captured data shall be synchronised automatically across all devices and servers to support efficient flow of information including site records among contractor, site supervisory staff and employer/client, and enable timely reporting and alert of works progress and performance."

 5 Mandatory Modules  +  Dashboard 




Provide a live update platform for user to manage and follow up all inspection issues easily, ensure all inspection records are real and update to date.



Inspection Checklist

To maintain worksite hygiene and protect workers, the system will help users to monitor and avoid cleaning job task miss.


Site Safety Inspection Record

With power of the system, users can update site safety record and photos, AI will analyse all data to assist us to avoid accident and improve site safety status.


Labour Return


A management system which help users to manage and monitor the on-site workforce.


Site Diary / 
Site Record Book

As a "first record" of worksite, system help competent user and management to get the MOST update record and status on worksite progress.


All Process in One Dashboard

An information management tool which provides at-a-glance views of KPIs relevant to a particular project and their progress.

Align Your Teams with Online Documentation

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Adopt Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS)

Centralize data, collect construction works information, and manage workflow – in one digital portal.

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Comply with the

Mandated Circular

With extensive DWSS implementation experience (400+ engagements), we make the digitalization process extra easy for you.

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Bring Everyone and Everythign Together

We offer an intuitive portal that your site workers will actually love to use.
Easy. Cost-friendly. Flexible

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Better Work Health

and Safety

At isBIM, we are on a mission of zero accidents, and to work towards this, we will let you monitor sites with real-time visibility.

Oversee Centralized Data at Your Fingertips

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Take Insepction Online

  • Record and retrieve all project documents in one place

  • Track project schedules to prevent missed deadlines or cost overruns.

  • Comply with the HKSAR Government’s DWSS Technical Circular

  • Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements with real-time data

Better Collaboration. Better Supervision

An Integrated DWSS User Experience with isBIM


Quick-Snap Site Documentation

workflow + form.png

Customizable Forms with 500+ Templates


Adjustable Data Visualization

virtual visit.png

Hyper-Real, Remote Digital Twin Site Visit

*available with JARVIS DTSS

Easy to Use, Ready to Go

cross device.png

Cross Platform Compatible

Same platform across computers, tablets and smart phones.

No extra time cost to get used to the interface.

What's more? Unleash the potential of DWSS

JARVIS DWSS is integrated with JARVIS Eagle Eye to be the core of JARVIS Digital Twin Site Supervision (DTSS) system..

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Contact for more info and/or Free Demo


Vicky Leung

Business Development Manager(HK) | +852 2382 8380


Wilson Li​

Business Development Manager(HK) | +852 3188 2992


Leo Wang

Business Development Manager(Beijing) | +86-18500341084


Chaochen Wang

Business Development Manager(Beijing) | +86-18611469021

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