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Accelerate your design process with extended reality

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), you can design immersive 3D models, run automated safety checks, and customize collaboration workflows in one place. From 2018, Hong Kong capital works projects with estimates over HK$30 Million shall use BIM technology. Similar policies apply to most Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities, Singapore, India, and beyond.

Render Immersive 3D Models

Produce 3D views, cross-sections, and precise cost estimates

Integrate architecture and landscape, bridging your design with actual geographic data

Create immersive virtual experiences for your clients

Over two-thirds of project managers lower costs from project management, hence improving ROI.


Satisfaction Rate

Most BIM users report positive values from collaboration and safety checks.


Better User Experience

Companies win more projects with BIM, contributing to higher closing ratios and revenue.


More Deals

Double the speed with half the costs.

*Based on a 2017 study by Deloitte and Autodesk.


Better design. Better Collaboration.

Get your planning and modeling done faster, cheaper, and smarter.

Book a Consultation

We make adopting CDCP easy for you. 

We ensure our CDCP is intuitive with minimal to no training to use. Get a demo now.

Connect Everyone with Everything

Improve understanding between disparate parties

Track issues among project members with synced data

Store all project information on a single source of truth

Track Everything on a Dashboard

Centralize issues from Navisworks, Revit, and AutoCAD

Sort data by issue type, location, assignee, due date, etc.

Insert screenshots and comments to update changes to models

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