About Us

isBIM Limited (isBIM), a member of C Cheng Group 1486.HK, is a leading BIM consultancy firm in the Asia pacific and the largest BIM company within the Greater China region since founded in2010.

isBIM has provided professional Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Modeling and Control (CMC) consulting services for more than 100 corporate units, including Hong Kong government, Asia’s leading property developers, architects, contractors and educational institutions. Throughout the years, our projects have won over 40 awards on BIM application, innovation and development.


In 2016, a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Qianhai Jarvis Data Consulting Co., Ltd (Jarvis) was established in China, positioning the accumulation of building big data and providing services for the digital transformation of the construction industry. ) is the first data consulting company in the industry.

Our Vision

isBIM insists on innovation-driven development, promoting  continuous improvement, and building an integrated knowledge platform that can transform data into a new ecosystem to achieve excellence in construction.


Why Us


The largest professional BIM consultancy firm in Asia Pacific

Possess professional BIM knowledge and experience


Fast model production such that BIM model is ready in 2 weeks time for any project size


Work closely and establish long term relationship

with numerous big firms


Bring our customers 5-10 times returns on investment


Exclusive Jarvis CDE Platform


isBIM Limited

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