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SOFiSTiK: An All-in-one Design Toolkit 

Based in Germany, SOFiSTiK offers one-stop software solutions for construction design, from consolidating BIM workflows to facilitating bridge analysis and building modeling, with over 2,000 customers worldwide. SOFiSTiK's extensive products include FEM Packages, BiMTOOLS, Revit Analytics and Design, SOFICAD, and more to ensure enterprises receive the most well-rounded support throughout the construction process. 

Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

This software is a powerful extension of Autodesk Revit for modeling axis-based, parametric bridge, and tunnel structures in 3D. 

  • Create 3D axes using alignment information

  • Model all bridge types (beam bridges, box girder bridges, etc.)

  • Import terrain models (LandXML) and generate volumes

  • Entirely parametric (axis, superstructures, sub-structures, railings, etc.)

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BiMTOOLS - Everything You Need in BIM

SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS is a set of free tools which enhances productivity by 50%, perfect for automatic dimensioning, selective tagging, and the creation of 3D PDFs. 

  • Generate standard PDF documents with embedded 3D graphics

  • Produce an equivalent model representation in U3D format

  • Create views and positioning of elements

  • Embedded with descriptive information about the particular Revit objects

Finite Element Analysis (FEM) Software

This customized solution builds upon the proven SOFiSTiK finite element technology for structural analysis, offering seamless workflows for modern civil engineering. 

  • Integrated into any existing workflows and system landscapes

  • Applicable for different types of buildings, bridges, membrane structures, etc. 

  • Shared access to the Calculation Modules

  • Workflows based on sophisticated database technology 


Get Your Free Trial

Experience a free trial of any SOFiSTiK software with the Customer Success Specialists at isBIM. Schedule a free consultation to let us match the best tools for your project's needs. 

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