Tender Awarded | Construction Project of Lamma Power Station Extension

Lamma Power Station located in Lamma Island is the source of generated electricity. The power station has a total installed capacity of 3,237MW made up of one 250MW coal-fired units, five 350MW coal-fired units, one 55MW gas turbines, four 125MW gas turbines, one 335MW combined cycle unit, one 345MW combined cycle unit, one 800kW wind turbine and one 1MW solar power system.

Electricity is generated 24 hours a day at Lamma Power Station for over 570,000 customers on Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island. The reliable power supply of Lamma Power Station contributes to HK Electric’s world-class reliability rating of 99.999%.

As Hong Kong’s first wind power station, Lamma Winds, was opened in 2006, an extension to the Lamma Power Station that burns the more environmentally friendly natural gas became operational in 2006. In line with Government policy that aims to increase the use of natural gas, a gas-fired generating unit was introduced in Lamma Power Station in 2010 leading to an increase to over 30% natural gas production of total gas output.


Hong Kong Electric

HK Electric Investments is the first fixed single investment trust listed in Hong Kong focusing on the power industry. The principal operating subsidiary, The Hongkong Electric Company Limited (HK Electric), commenced operations in 1890 and is one of the longest-established utility companies in the world.

HK Electric has a heritage of powering Hong Kong's economic growth by providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity supply to both business and residential communities. It also commits itself to reducing its environmental footprint whilst facilitating business growth and bringing investors sustainable and good long-term investing returns.

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