isBIM participated in the BEYOND Expo with BIM+Digital Twin to achieve construction carbon neutral

isBIM was invited to participate in the BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo to discuss international concerning topics such as "Green construction, smart living", and "Environmental friendly low carbon emission" together with other industry participants.

Carbon emissions has always been a main global concern. With the changes in the information era, AI, BIM, Common Data Environment (CDE), and Digital Twins will drive the revolution of traditional industries. isBIM innovatively combines the two major trends of digital transformation and carbon neutrality to develop the "Digital Twin Environment", so that carbon neutrality is fully supported by digital technology.

isBIM participated in the Impact Tech zone to fully display the company's first pioneering, independent research and development, and nominated by the 2021 United Nations World Information Summit Award for the "Digital Twin Space" to global scientists and enthusiasts. This has attracted numerous well-known media reports. The "digital twin space" can use remote collaborative office without going out to monitor project progress and management in a panoramic manner. Starting from reducing the number of trips and reducing emissions, reducing emissions from electronic office processes, and reducing pollution and emissions from engineering materials, we help projects reduce carbon emissions, strive to save time and reduce emissions, and speed up carbon neutrality for buildings.


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CPPCC Vice President Edmund Ho Hau-wah, Chief Executive of Macao SAR Ho Iat-seng and LOCPG in Macao SAR Director Fu Ziying attended the opening ceremony. CE Ho Iat-seng visited the exhibition area afterwards and communicated with the participated organisations.


BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo was held Dec. 2 – 4, 2021 at The Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre. BEYOND aims to surpass conventional tech expo and challenge the future of businesses. By focusing on technology innovation and its impact on various industries in current and future society, BEYOND aims to be the global leading annual tech expo.