isBIM joined the 2021 International Property Management and Procurement Expo

isBIM is proud to be one of the exhibitors joining the 1st International Property Management & Procurement Expo organised from the 4th to 6th November 2021 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

isBIM joined the expo as a pre-launch of our latest JARVIS Digital Twin Management System (JARVIS DTMS) for Facility Management. JARVIS Digital Twin Managment System (JARVIS DTMS) provides remote connection to manage any place, anytime, anywhere.

It provides an immersive and intuitive environment remotely connected to any space. Processes 360° panoramic photos with AI algorithms to replicate a digital twin environment for any space, then comprehensively integrates the digital twin environment with BIM, drawings, digital forms and workflows, database, point cloud and IoT data as a holistic solution for facility management.

With JARVIS DTMS, user can raise efficiency for facility management with a reduced cost, reduce down time and enhance customer satisfaction and kickstart their digital transformation of facility management.

L: Property Management Services Authority Hon Tony TSE Wai-chuen, BBS, JP, Chairman giving the opening speech.

R: Visitors in our booth for JARVIS digital solutions introduction and demonstration.

The newly-launched 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo sets to render property managers and service providers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and across Asia an exceptional platform to access new solutions to enhance their service quality and help make their operation cost-effective, more professional and all-rounded.

Simplified Digital Twin Environment for isBIM booth.