Embrace the future | JARVIS (Shenzhen Qianhai) Annual Dinner 2021

Shenzhen Qianhai JARVIS Annual Dinner was held on 17 December 2021 at Qifu Convention Centre, Guangzhou.

Group photo of JARVIS

It was an extraordinary annual dinner. We were getting united, gathered and "homed".

Numerous prizes, awards and gifts are ready!

Before dining, our CEO Mr Elvis LI and General Manager Ms Ivy ZHANG shared the development direction of the company with all colleagues and encouraged a mutual target for everyone; Deputy General Manager Leon LI then shared the conclusion from the previous year's sales experience. We benefited a lot from their sharing.

isBIM & JARVIS emerged in Hong Kong with 4 people only and developed to more than 260 employees now, every step of the company has been taken thanks to the effort of our staff. There was especially a section to award the unspoken heroes within them to appreciate their hard work.

The finale is always the most exciting lucky draw section. Prizes this year are exquisite, with the Grand Prize iPhone 13 and up to 10,000 dollars in red pockets, etc. Look how thrilled are the colleagues while waiting for the announcement.

Upon a successful annual dinner, we wish isBIM & JARVIS a prosperous 2022.