BIM ISO 19650 Launch and Training Course

The BIM ISO 19650 Launch and Training Courses organised by BRE Academy and isBIM were held on March 25th to March 28th 2019.

The launch session on March 25th 2019 is to celebrate the recently published ISO 19650 and discuss the competitive advantages and the international best practice of BIM implementation.

The BIM ISO 19650 has been developed by BRE's dedicated BIM team with vast experiences in implementing information management process, undertaking BIM projects as well as authoring projects, companies, national and international standards, including the recently launched ISO 19650.

The ISO 19650 series of International standards define the collaborative processes for the effective management of information throughout the delivery and operational phase of assets when BIM is being used.

The launch was held at PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus from 15:30 to 17:30pm

A brief of the course presented by Mr Paul Oakley, the director of BRE BIM Division

The Training was happened on March 26-28th 2019, the course was divided into two parts:

1) BIM ISO 19650 Essentials

2) BIM Level 2 for Information Managers

The whole training was provided by Mr Paul Oakley, the director of BRE BIM Division BA (Hons), DIP, ARCH, RIBA. Paul has over 30 years of experience and has BIM initiatives from Teamwork 2000, Avanti, ADT Community group and the BIM community as well as sitting on CPIC guidance committees for Uniclass representing the RIBA on the CIC BIM Forum.

Mr Ben (BRE), Mr Max Law (Associate Director of isBIM), Mr Paul Oakley (Director of BRE BIM Division), Mr Rex Lau (Director of isBIM) - From left to the right