A visit hosted for The Construction Industry Council (CIC)

It was our great honor to invite CIC committee team of BIM experts to visit us on 28 Aug 2019.

As we know, CIC committee team is playing a key role in promoting BIM adoption in Hong Kong by formulating strategies for market transformation in construction industry, developing CIC as a Centre of Excellence for “BIM” in the form of a central hub, developing standards, specifications and common practices for BIM.

The visit was intended to give greater insight into isBIM’s development on new BIM technology and BIM Cloud Platform. We were delighted to have a chance to speak with CIC committee team and exchange our thoughts and ideas on BIM thoroughly, and were also given lots of useful advice on BIM by CIC committee team.

We wish to collaborate closely with CIC committee to promote BIM adoption in construction industry moving forward.

Thank you again for coming to visit us.