JARVIS Digital Twin Management System is a Digital Twin Platform for facility management.
A unique solution for construction project and facility managment.
With JARVIS DTMS, you manage facilities with technology and digitalisation.

Fast & easy capture of site data

Support 360 cameras from the mainstream brands.
Upload to JARVIS Eagle Eye Digital Twin Platform with just a few steps in the app

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On site collection

Mobile APP is compatible with most 360 cameras in the market for on site capturing and uploading.

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AI Enabled

JARVIS server processes data with the Eagle Eye AI algorithms.

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Online Browsing

The project stakeholders browse and navigate through the virtual site for project management.

Missions had been reluctant, unorganised, and unoptimised for Facility Management.

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Maximise the value of space with Digital Twin

With JARVIS Eagle Eye, one may compare BIM, CAD, site history with on site photos side-by-side.
Forms, annotations, or IoT data can be attached to the site photos for accurating pin pointing and browsing.
Data of forms, annotations, and IoT data is may then be visualised in Dashboard for more efficient management and decision making.


History Comparison

Provide construction transparency for a complete track record.

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Drawings Comparison

Provide precise location for issues or defects management.

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BIM Comparison

Complete control of site and ensure construction accuracy.



Customisable forms and workflows usage, including RISC forms, defects work order, etc.

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IoT Sensors

Online browsing of real time on site IoT data, with data analytics.


Charts and Dashboard

Visualisation of data. Dashboard can be customised for different clients' needs.

Extensive use scenarios



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Luxury Item Boutique

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Conference & Exhibitions

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Tourist Spot

construction site.png

Construction Site

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Healthcare Organisation

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