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Common Data Environment

A simple, intelligent and efficient collaboration platform for construction project

JARVIS CDE is a cross-enterprise and cross-project collaboration platform for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. With document management, task collaboration and BIM collaboration as the core, it helps industry users to achieve project process data management and efficient collaboration of project teams.


ISO 19650 Certified

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Cloud disk DMS in enterprise level

Secure and stable data storage. With the adoption of cloud server, all data is automatically backed up and prevented from eternal damage such as natural disasters or computer crashes.

Extremely fast access speed. Enjoy unlimited uploading and downloading speed with private deployment.


BIM Cloud collaboration

Open BIM files anywhere, anytime. There is no need to install any BIM software, simply view BIM with a browser.

Light weighting and digitalisation. File size has been greatly reduced. Easily view models, drawings, PDF without dowloading.

Support full lifecycle project management. ​Multi-region, multi-participant for document collaboratio, task management and other functions.

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AI Smart Assistant

Smart searching. Quickly search, share and display platform files on the phone, including drawings, models, etc.

Life assistant. JARVIS AI can chat with you, check the weather, tell jokes and help buying high-speed rail tickets, etc.

Multi-platform support. Support mainstream social applications such as WeChat, Line, etc.

JARVIS platform visually displays the status of all enterprise projects

Centrally store project data in a file management system, to easily and securely share and collaborate with team members.

Conviently and quickly invite new team members to coordinate when needed.

Enhance content value, progress team project in a timely and efficient manner.


JARVIS AI helps you improve mobile working efficiency

JARVIS AI supports WeChat and Line. You can quickly search and retrieve project files, drawings, models and videos. Supports 57 file formats and large scales model viewing on a mobile device.


Intelligent robot

24/7 always on call


Quick response

Input command, retrieve files

Online model browsing

Support .rvt, .ifc, .nwd

Online drawing browsing

Support .dwg, pdf, images

JARVIS BIM cloud model

Built in with the powerful model lightweighting technology, JARVIS platform can open a model with 80,073 components in just 15 seconds.

All parties can easily browse the multidisciplinary model with just a web broswer. Visual communication based on BIM model can be established.

Any project members can utilise the browser to view, section, roam, etc.


Contact for more info and/or Free Demo


Vicky Leung

Business Development Manager(HK) | +852 2382 8380


Wilson Li​

Business Development Manager(HK) | +852 3188 2992


Leo Wang

Business Development Manager(Beijing) | +86-18500341084


Chaochen Wang

Business Development Manager(Beijing) | +86-18611469021

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