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What is iConstruct?

iConstruct is a building information modeling (BIM) software for Autodesk® Navisworks®, suitable for a large range of industries worldwide. It utilizes advanced features to improve project performance, and drive collaboration and efficiency across the project lifecycle by ensuring a high quality conditioned model.


A complete bundle of features to manage and maintain projects from concept to completion.

iConstruct’s powerful and advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is constantly evolving to deliver safety, environmental, cost and scheduling benefits. Utilizing the collaboration and review technology of Autodesk® Navisworks®, iConstruct’s interoperability allows users to configure and manage a range of information from various design models (plus additional data) into a manageable, multi-user format. Using the standardized data within these models, iConstruct’s toolsets can extract information at any stage of the construction process. It can also be extracted and presented with a variety of customizable reporting tools, which means better communication and project accuracy.

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Featured Function

  • Model Conditioning

- Create custom data tabs within Navisworks® by taking data from one or more read-only data tabs.

- Reorganize and group a model’s hierarchy to optimize the model’s Selection Tree.

- Using a unique ID, pull in data from any external data source (Excel, Access and SQL and any other ODBC) into the model.

  • Workpackaging

- Create and save Viewpoints and/or Selection Sets based on model’s internal properties.

- visualize your models by applying colour codes based on external datasets or model properties.

  • Documentation

- Click on an object that has a document number referenced. Select the open file configuration for the tool to open a document from a network drive or URL. Multiple selection will combine the PDFs  into one.

  • Reporting​

- Combine model viewpoints with selected data in lists, charts and graphs to make material estimating and take-off (MTO) quicker and easier.

- unleash the information in your model to excel, PDF, HTML and Access for flexible use.

  • Automation

- Automate and schedule frequently used iConstruct and Navisworks® routines. Save time, money and resources by reducing repetitive work.

A powerful, scalable & integrated solution for Advanced Work Packaging.

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