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Start your BIM journey with BIM Training

BIM010 Navisworks Manage Training Course for

Project Planners

The Courses are aimed at giving more insights into BIM and assisting stakeholders and practitioners in manipulation of Revit BIM software while using it in construction project. To date, we have provided professional corporate trainings with more than 100 leading property developers, contractors, design & Architect firms and public sectors in Hong Kong. 

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              CITF Pre-approved training courses

We have:

Corporate Training for Director,  Management, Project Manager, Partner

On-The-Job Training for employees

Full-Time Higher & Education Training for Pre-Exam, Engineering, Teaching Training

Further Education for School, Enterprise

Right time to learn BIM NOW
Since 1 January 2017, The HKSAR Government has mandated the use of BIM on all centrally funded government projects with cost over HKD 30 million. As a key stakeholder in construction project, your BIM knowledge is of crucial to the outcomes of the construction project.

You can now enroll in the courses now which are fully covered by CITF (Construction Innovation and Technology Fund). All you will need to do is to apply CITF after successful completion of the courses. We are happy to assist you in CITF application too! Act now to enrich yourself before it comes too late!

Take Action NOW
We are happy to know your needs and provide assistance to your BIM journey, call us now at +852 2382 8380!!

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CITF pre-approved list code:


Prerequisite for Enrollment:

1) a Hong Kong bachelor’s degree or Higher diploma in relevant subjects;

2) be fluent in both written and spoken Chinese and English;

Course objective:

1. Aiming at nurtures students’ abilities in animation and 4D simulation utilizing Navisworks Manage 4D element;

2. Understanding the Navisworks Manage Interface Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption;

3. Familiarizing the use of Navisworks Manage to review and coordinate information;

4. Learning how to animate and script in Navisworks Manage;

5. Understanding the standardization of BIM.

Course duration:

Each session:3 hours

Total:18 hours

Course fee per person:

HK$ 5,000


1. Project Navigation and Review in Navisworks Manage;

2. Presenter Rendering in Navisworks Manage;

3. Create 4D Simulation Model and issue 4D Simulation Animation;

4. Clash Checking and issue clash report.


Project Navigation on Navisworks Manage

- Workspace Overview

- Model Exporting from Autodesk Revit

- Opening and Appending Files in Navisworks Manage

- Saving, Merging and Refreshing Files

- 3D Model Review and Navigation

- Selection Tree and Selecting Objects

- Hiding Objects and Overriding Materials Object Properties

- Measuring and Moving Objects

- Selection and Search Sets

- Comments and Redlining

- Animations


4D Simulation using Navisworks Manage

- TimeLiner Overview

- Creating Tasks

- Import Tasks from External Project File

- TimeLiner Simulation

- Configuring and Defining a Simulation

- Simulation Export


Clash Detective

- Clash Detective Overview

- Setting Clash Rules

- Clash Results

- Clash Test Reporting

- SwitchBack in Clash Detective


Using of Animator

- Animator Overview

- Creating Basic Animation

- Cameras and Camera Viewpoints

- Manipulate Geometry Objects in an Animation Set

- Section Plane Sets

- Controlling Animation Scene Playback

- Outputting Animations (Videos)


Using of Scripter

- Scripter Overview

- Creating and Managing Scripts

- Events

- Creating and Configure Events



- Presenter Overview

- Apply Materials to Model Items

- Adding Lighting Effects to a Scene

- Adding Background Effects

- Editing and Managing Materials

- Advanced Material Editing

- Individual Light Effects

- Outputting Rendered Image


Presenter Advanced Features

- Editing and Managing Materials

- Advanced Material Editing

- Individual Lights Effects

- Environmental Backgrounds and Reflections

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