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Course details

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Course Brochure (PDF)

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Global BIM Coordinator Professional Training Course (RTTP Fund Claimable)

To ensure the healthy development of BIM in Hong Kong, Construction Industry Council (CIC), has introduced the BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes to ascertain the competency of BIM personnel and the quality of local BIM training courses.  To be eligible for certification as a CIC-Certified BIM Coordinator (CCBC), one of the requirements is the successful completion of BIM Coordinator course accredited by the CIC. 

To cope with the surge in demand for BIM personnel and training needs, we are pleased to announce that BSI launches the “Global BIM Coordinator Professional Training”. We aim to offer delegates a quality BIM Coordinator training with the appropriate skill levels and competency in using BIM technology at international standard.

Who should attend

BIM practitioners who already have relevant practical experience in BIM projects, meet the relevant academic requirement and aim to apply for CIC certified BIM Coordinators

What will I learn?​​

  • BIM Concept

  • Local & Global Contexts, BIM standards and guidelines

  • BIM Software

  • BIM Uses and Processes

  • Administration of the BIM projects as a project BIM coordinator

  • Execution of BIM Uses for single and multi-disciplinary coordination in BIM project

  • Technologies

  • Assist in BIM related meetings

  • Digital Information Management

  • Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Data Quality Control & Assurance across various stages

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • BIM concept definitions and scope, BIM standards and guidelines in Hong Kong and global contexts (Level 2)

  • BIM software and the modelling process, and describe current and relevant Technologies (Level 3)

  • BIM uses and BIM software applications, execution and administration of the responsible BIM tasks for individual or cross-disciplinary BIM project coordination (Level 3)

  • Digital information management, collaboration and integration, including execution and administration of the operation of a common data environment and data quality control system for effective use and sharing of digital information in a BIM project (Level 3)

What is included

  • CPD hours 

  • Training course notes

  • Refreshments

  • An internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate

Course Fee: HKD 10,000 (original)

HKD 3,333 ONLY after RTTP reimbursement 

HKD 3,000 ONLY after CITF reimbursement

Admission Requirement:


A diploma (or equivalent) in Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 4 or above qualification accredited


recognised by a CIC-recognised professional body in architecture, engineering, surveying, building or construction, or equivalent, as recognised by CIC, plus 3 years of full-time relevant work experience (with at least 6 months stationed in Hong Kong)


Practical experience in BIM project coordination and related tasks:

At least one year full-time relevant BIM experience in BIM projects, that able to demonstrate the applicant possessing the required levels of the Core Competencies as stipulated in the Certification of BIM Coordinators.

Policies and procedures for admission

  • Completion of Application Form by internet or hardcopy formats

  • Submission of relevant documents to prove the requirements as stated in Section 5.1 (Original copy is required if necessary)

  • The profile of the applicant will be sent to training operations manager for approval

  • Non-standard route of admission will be given to applicants who do not meet the admission requirement under special consideration of programme director

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